Onsite Inventory Management

Let us help you control, track and manage inventory.  With our Onsite solution we provide a lower cost option to manage inventory and its flow in and around your operation.

What is the Onsite solution?

This is a complete, on-site inventory management solution.  The Onsite solution involves the supplier maintaining a stock of inventory at the customer’s location (sometimes called a store).  It can include inventory set up, management of materials and point of consumption delivery.  Typically the supplier will provide qualified staff to maintain and manage the store.

How does it work?

Use our expertise and our resources.  Being based on-site, a dedicated supply expert will handle material management for your operation.  Similar to VMI, our expert will oversee inventory parameters and restocking points.  Depending on the customer’s preference, specific reporting, material delivery and restrictions can be put in place.  Delivery of material to the point of consumption is available.

What are the benefits?

Benefits associated with our Onsite solution are:

  • Reduced down-time on plant floor
  • Control and track inventory
  • Reduce crib, storeroom, departmental chaos
  • Point of consumption delivery
  • Eliminate longer lead times