Case Studies

An International Reseller

Integrated Supply

An international reseller was tasked with meeting a corporate material cost reduction goal of 3%.  Find out how we helped them meet and exceed this goal.

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A Consumer Packaged Goods Company

VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)

An international, consumer packaged goods company wanted to stabilize overhead.  Find out how we helped them refocus on core business objectives.

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An Education Supply Company


An education supply company wanted to improve customer satisfaction.  Read more about how we helped improve fill rates and lower material costs.

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A Health Services Provider

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

A health services provider needed to improve the replenishment process for multiple locations.  Read more about how we helped accelerate the flow of information and reduce holding costs.

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A Local Church

CMI (Customer Managed Inventory)

A local church needed to keep in line with the annual budget.  Learn more about how we helped create a simple process that led to a 12% price reduction.

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