Cleaning Supplies for the Healthcare Industry

When Quality is Critical

Hospital surgery corridor

North Carolina is home to some of the nation’s top healthcare facilities. As a member of the medical field, you make a difference in people’s lives every single day. But great doctors and nurses aren’t the only way to communicate your level of care. The quality and cleanliness of your environment speaks volumes. That’s why staying well-stocked with the best cleaning supplies is perhaps more important for your industry than any other.

Improving Outcomes

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that over a million people are affected by infections acquired in hospitals at any given time. This is often the result of contaminated surfaces. With the proper tools for sanitation, you can improve patient outcomes and prevent secondary infections and illness. Whether you work in a small doctor’s office or a large hospital, clean is a universal sign of quality care.

Supplying Reliability

Every single day, you are trusted with the health of many people. Families depend on you to heal their loved ones. Likewise, you can depend on IP Products for the cleaning solutions that are necessary for your success. We design unique replenishment methods to keep critical items available and located at or near the point of consumption. You can trust us to have what you need when and where you need it.

Reducing Waste

Hospitals across the globe are being challenged with new sustainability initiatives. While protecting the environment is a priority, you are also responsible for protecting your patients. Our Clean & Green products help you accomplish both. Our professionally-certified green cleaning experts can talk with you about ways to reduce waste and choose products that are both safe and effective.

Delivering Quality

We take delivery seriously. Our facility is centrally located in Burlington, North Carolina, but we ship products to healthcare clients across the state, including hospitals, surgery centers, nursing homes, emergency clinics, medical offices, and more.

Learn More Now

We are pleased to offer a free analysis for healthcare facilities. Just contact us online and we will reach out to discuss how IP Products can help you maintain the highest level of care.