Janitorial & Cleaning Supplies for Schools

iStock_000000060910SmallPeople are more worried than ever about the spread of germs, disease, and illness in educational facilities. Whether you work at an early learning center or a large college, this is a universal concern that must be dealt with in a responsible and sustainable way. With tightening budgets, however, it is difficult for some schools to afford the quality cleaning products and equipment they need. That’s why IP Products is pleased to provide a wide variety of supplies at an affordable cost. We partner with schools across North Carolina to provide top-notch products, including green products, that are within budget and get the job done right.

Doing More With Less

School administrators are constantly tasked to do more with less, but students and their families want to be assured of a clean and healthy learning environment. We understand the mix between product, cost, and sustainability. It is our goal to help you do more with less — to ensure your custodians have the supplies they need to maintain a clean environment, and to help you stretch your budget dollars.

Eliminating Safety Concerns

Many schools are seeking alternatives to harsh cleaning supplies that leave behind strong odors and compromise air quality. Are you being challenged with new sustainability initiatives? Wondering how to ensure natural products will work as well as the brands you’ve always used? We are pleased to offer samples, allowing you to try before you buy. With a full line of green products, we can help you protect the environment, as well as your students and staff.

Serving the Community

At IP Products, nothing is more important to us than being a good community partner. Excellent educational facilities make North Carolina a great place to live, and we are pleased to work with public and private school systems, colleges and universities, as well as day care centers across the state. It is our goal to serve you with convenience, reliability, and most of all, affordable cleaning products.

Get Started Now

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