I.C.E. CIMS Certification



In conjunction with the ISSA, an I.C.E. CIMS Certification course was hosted at the IP Products campus in July. Triad area Facility, Environmental Services and Operations Directors were invited to learn, collaborate and improve their operations.

Congratulations to two IP Products representatives, Kevin Pack and Theresa Bell, for achieving certification.

What is the I.C.E. Certification?

“ISSA Certification Experts” (I.C.E.) are ready to provide training and services to cleaning organizations interested in complying with and preparing to be certified to the Cleaning Industry Management Standards (CIMS).

Why should you consider becoming an Expert?

Custodial operations around the country face labor budget reductions of 5-10 percent – these reductions cannot be accomplished by supply price decreases alone. The need to evaluate, reduce and redeploy the workforce is the only way to meet impending budget reductions and an industry professional can help their organization do so by training to be a CIMS “ISSA Certification Expert.”

To learn more about the certification process, click here.